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XO Smoothies and Cocktails



1 XO2 Original + 1 Banana  + ¼ Cup Yogurt  + ½ Cup Milk  + 1-5oz. Caned Pineapple Chunk  

 (drain juice) + ½ Cup ice cube


XO2 ORIGINAL - Freeze 
1 XO2 Original  + 1 Banana + ½ Cup Mango  + ½ Cup Pineapple  + 2 Cups Crushed ice.


XO3 CITRUS - Miami
1 XO3 Citrus  + 1 Banana + ¼ Cup Yogurt + ½ Cup Milk + ½ Cup Raspberry + 1 Seedless Peeled Orange
+ ½ Cup Orange Juice + ½ Cup ice cubes


XO3 CITRUS - in My Eye 
1 XO3 Citrus   + 2 Seedless Peeled Orange + ½ Cup vanilla frozen yogurt.


XO3 CITRUS - Banana Mixture 
 1 XO3 Citrus  + 1 Banana  + 1 Cup Pineapple Sherbet  + 1½ Cups Mango Slices + ½ Cup Yogurt.


XO3 CITRUS - Sweet smoothie
1 XO3 Citrus   + 2 Bananas + ¼ Cup Ice Cream  + 2 TBLS honey (optional)  + 2 Cups Crushed Ice.


XO3 CITRUS - Sassy  , 1 XO3 Citrus  + 9 oz Raspberry. 


XO3 CITRUS - Mango Mixture   , 1 XO3 Citrus + 1 Mango + ½ Cup Yogurt.


XO-5 BERRY - Mixture 1 XO-5 Berry + 1 Banana  + 1 Cup Yogurt + 1 Cup Ice Cubes.


XO6 GRAPE - Smoothie

1 XO6 Grape   + 1 Banana  + 1 Cup Yogurt  + 1 Cup Blue Berries or Raspberry + 1 Cup ice cubes.

XO6 GRAPE - experience
1 XO6-Grape  + 1 Banana + 1 Cup Raspberry + 1 Cup Raspberry Yogurt + 1 Cup Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.


XO6 GRAPE - Madness
 1 XO6 Grape + 1 Banana + 1 Cup Strawberries + ¼Cup Raspberry + ¼Cup Blueberries, 2 Cups Crushed ice



Blasting Cocktail  - Chilled Long drink glass. 

                                    4cl Vodka, 2cl Apricot Brandy, 1cl lemon juice, shake & Top up with 5cl XO2.    


MIX Cocktail,     - Chilled  Long drink glass. 2cl White Rum, 10cl Cola & Top up with 10cl XO2.


Tropic ............     - Chilled Long drink glass. 

                                    2cl White Rum ,  2cl Vodka, 5cl mango juice and shake. Top up with 3cl XO2.


Power Punch     - Chilled Long drink glass  

         2cl Gin, 2cl Vodka, 2cl white rum, 2cl apricot brandy, 3cl orange juice and Top up with XO2.


Shake & Stirred - Chilled Long drink glass. 

      2cl gin, 2cl Vodka,  2cl White rum,  2cl apricot brandy, 3cl orange juice and Top up with XO2.

Tropical             - Chilled  Martini  glass,

3cl Cream de Cassis, 3cl red-currant juice, 2cl whipped cream, 1cl coconut syrup, add 3cl XO2.

Energy Herbal   - Chilled  Martini   glass.

2cl Gin, 2cl peppermint syrup, 2cl lemon balm syrup, 2cl Rose lime juice, dashes of lemon juice,

                                                                                                    + add 1/2 cl cream and Top up with XO2.

Chilled Martini glass,

2cl Gin, 2cl peppermint syrup, 2cl lemon balm syrup, 2cl Rose lime juice, dashes of lemon juice

                                                                                                    + add 1/2cl cream and Top up with XO2.
Chilled Martini glass  2cl Vodka, , 2 spoons  of brown sugar    and   add 1/2 lime with  4cl of XO2

Chilled Martini glass  4cl Gin, dash of coconut and Top up with XO2.

Chilled Martini glass  4cl Vodka Martini swirl with dry vermouth  and  shake out and Top with XO2. 

Chilled Martini glass  4cl Wyborowa Ananas,  dash of coconut + Top up with XO2.
Chilled Matini glass,
  4cl Midorf  and Top up with XO2.

Chilled Martini glass
  4cl Tequila add Blue Curacao Until it turns green  and   Top up  with   XO2.

Chilled Whisky glass
4cl Whisky, dash of crabbies Green Ginger, Top up with XO2.


Chilled GinTonic glass 4cl Gin, 1/3 ice, then Top up with XO2 and stir.


Chilled Highball glass 5cl Cream de Cassis, 2cl grapefruit juice & Top up with XO2

Chilled Highball glass 3cl Martini, 2cl triple sec, 5cl orange juice, add 1clof blue curacao floater

                                                                                                                                       and Top up with XO2.


                                   XO2 ORIGINAL          
1) Vodka or Jegermeister   +   XO2  
2) Brandy + ..................      XO2 + a touch of Schamboard.  
3) Rum      + ..................     XO2 + Wedge + Squeezed Orange.

                                   XO+ VANILLA

1) Rum with .............................    XO+ and Monin Black Syrup or Gingerale

2) Strawberry Schnapps  with XO+ and Vanilla Monin with Strawberries

3) Moyokolb .....................   with XO+ 

4)  Touch of schambord  ....... + XO+ or A Touch of orange juice

                                    XO3 CITRUS

1) Vodka Lemon ..................   with XO3 and A Touch of Honey

2) uzo .................................   with XO3 and Mint leafs.

3) Tequila ...........................   with XO3 and squeezed Lemon + Touch of Laven. Monin


                                XO4 PEACH

1) Vodka ........................  with XO4 and A slice of orange (Use High Ball Glass)

2) Vodka with Orange cubes    +   XO4 and A Touch of Sprite3) Archers Peach/Schnapps   with XO4 and A Club Soda

4) Vodka Raspberry ..... .. with XO4 and A Touch of Champagne

                                XO-5 BERRY

1) Vodka ........................  with XO-5 

1) Malibu ........................ with XO-5

3) Schnapps + Strawberries with XO-5 and A Club Soda/Tonic

4) Shambord .................  with  XO-5 and A Touch of Champagne

                                    XO6 GRAPE

1) Vodka with Black Monin Syrup   XO6    

2) Grape Ktushim ...................   XO6

3) Schnapps Melon ................ XO6 and A Touch of Champagne.
4) Vodka Kurnt ........................   XO6 and A Touch of Sour


         FEB 24-2023

Above Cocktails mixing is neither trying to solicit nor to recommend the use
of Alcohol excess for adults nor for Any Persons under 12 years old of Age!!

Jo Emile Amar Chairman /Creator of the XO Energy 6.09oz Shots in 7 Flavors® that are unique in their composition and effects, each XO variation distinguish itself primarily by its contents, Taste, Aroma, they all provide the body with important  Vitamins “ B” and “C” Complex, giving consumers choices of drier, sweeter and more Aromatic blends geared more for Quality and Healthy Feeling,
The XO Drinks are Best to be Consumed At Room Temperature with NO Crash, rather than a quick caffeine rush and not necessarily to be refrigerated as required by most energy drinks,. Despite the youthful appeal of  the XO 6.09oz Energy Premium Shots, XO Company is marketing all the XO Brands mostly to consumers from 16 years old to the Older Ages demographic to Emphasize Responsible Consumption of its Beverages.

XO Energy Beverage Corp. will not be responsible for any FAKE XOENERGY DOMAINS SOLICITASIONS  to avoid any Unpleasant situations.

FEB 15-2023

*Our Office is Now Very Busy so; We suggest that you always Leave a clear Voice message (NO Solicitations will be Accepted) otherwise your Phone number will be Blocked so; Please be patient and we should get back to you a.s.a.p. 

We Thank You for Your Cooperation.
XO Management.  

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