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              Made in USA - 24 Months Shelf Life
                      "KOSHER OU" Certified.

XO 7 Flavors 6.09oz Energy Shots "non-Carbonated Drinks" are unique in their composition and effects and each XO variation distinguish itself primarily by its content, Taste, Aroma and they provide the body with important Vitamins B & C and are Best Consumed at Room Temperature giving consumers choices of drier, sweeter, more aromatic blends and are geared more for quality rather than a quick caffeine rush, Unlike most energy drinks.
Despite the youthful appeal of XO 7 Flavors 6.09oz Energy Shots; the Company is marketing all the XO Brands to an older 18-75-year-old demographic to emphasize responsible consumption of its beverages. 
We are confident that our XO 7 Premium Flavors 6.09oz Shots are superior in Aroma and Taste then many other existing big & small Carbonated Energy Drinks served in cans or energy shots.                                                                                                                             

The Unfair Trades Practices by some Big US Energy Drinks players !!
In July 2006 We gave few free XO 7 flavors 6.09oz Shots mixed cases of to few small retail stores in New York City to receive some consumers feedback. After Two days, we were asked by these stores owners to take back our XO products with their apology that; they can't keep our XO Drinks in their stores shelves nor in their stores. We asked for the reason and we were told that few drinks Distributors Reps reported to their Bosses who demanded the stores to remove our XO Energy 6.09oz Shots immediately from their Store shelves. 
We could not believe that these kind of behaviors could happen in the US, let alone in NYC. 
We assumed it was few isolated incidents without paying too much importance to it. 

Again in Aug 30,2007, XO have experienced the same type of unfair business tactics when we received from our Main LCQ Distributors who handle Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota; They were complaining and confirmed that some of their customers Big stores Managers were forced by the Two BIG carbonated energy cans drinks players representatives who reported to their Bosses who asked those stores to remove all our XO 6.09oz Energy Shots from their Shelves and to be totally removed from their Stores and their Managers requested our LCQ Distributor to take back all the XO 6.09oz Energy Shots that were already paid by the stores!! 
XO will definitely keep fighting these unfair tactics and threats in Courts. XO does not deserve to be banned from the Stores by ANY of these Giant Beverages Companies players as if we are dealing with Mafia Gangster Style!!

Bellow is a partial text received to XO by our Illinois LCQ Distributor . Saying-Quote: 
"The problem is the big boys come in and strong arm us out of prime spots--or out of the store completely.
"It's an uphill battle. 
The stores were happy to carry the XO products and they like it -
See the Top 3 Pictures - XO Drinks in Shelf then;
1st  Brand Company name) Reps comes in and we received phone calls saying take it out.
2nd Brand Company name) Reps comes in and we received phone calls saying take it out.
The Sales Help Teams we've hired has turned out to be totally Useless--- " Honestly Worse than Useless "

We XO Energy Beverage Company experienced other kinds of behaviors Again in 2008, by other Big Distributors dealing with XO by Ordering Each Two (2) XO Pallets and asking us not to deal with Any other 4-5 States around their States until  they will receive some Good Feedbacks and the same scenarios was happening with Few other Big Distributors who had the same Conditions as 4 others so; they were all Draging and Draging for 6 Months and more avoiding any contacts or our XO calls or emails hopping that XO Company will be Discontinued or Our XO Products Shelf Life will Expire, Since I could not reach them by my Company's Phones seeing their Caller ID so; I was calling them from Streets Phone Boots and when they picked up the phones; They asked me not to call them and be to patient until 
they would contact us which they Never did.  The same Scenarios Happened Again & again with All of them.  

*Our XO 7 Flavors "Non-Carbonated" 6.09oz Energy 
Shots Products 
are not recommended for Children 
under 12 years of age, Not to Pregnant Women and
not to Person sensitive to Caffeine and they are
Not intended to Diagnose or Treat any Illness or
Disease and we suggest Not abusing the use of alcohol with XO Energy Drinks Cocktails mixing. 

Parents are being urged to exercise the maximum caution in determining if they choose to allow their children too much use of energy drinks.

Jo Emile Amar Chairman /Creator of the XO Energy 6.09oz Shots in 7 Flavors® that are unique in their composition and effects, each XO variation distinguish itself primarily by its contents, Taste, Aroma, they all provide the body with important  Vitamins “ B” and “C” Complex, giving consumers choices of drier, sweeter and more Aromatic blends geared more for Quality and Healthy Feeling,
The XO Drinks are Best to be Consumed At Room Temperature with NO Crash, rather than a quick caffeine rush and not necessarily to be refrigerated as required by most energy drinks, Despite the youthful appeal of  
the XO 6.09oz Energy Premium Shots, XO Company is marketing all the XO Brands mostly to consumers
from 16 years old to the Older Ages demographic to Emphasize Responsible Consumption of its Beverages.

XO Energy Beverage Corp. will not be responsible for any FAKE XOENERGY DOMAINS SOLICITATIONS to avoid any Unpleasant situations.

FEB 24-2023

*Our Office is Now Very Busy so, We suggest that you always Leave a clear Voice Message (NO Solicitations will be Accepted) otherwise your Phone number will be Blocked so; Please be patient and we should get back to you a.s.a.p. 

We Thank You for Your Cooperation.
XO Management.  

If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and Contact.
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