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At the start of the Millennium (2000) Jo Emile Amar; Founder, Chairman, CEO, President came with his idea, uncanny instinct to create successful products innovations and with a clear vision, he developed a different and revolutionary Non-Carbonated Energy Drink and its debut was accompanied by rigorous channel which included extensive tasting with numerous scientific studies and testing procedures have been done by the various agencies, and they have confirmed the safety of its Ingredients so; XO2 Original (Mixed Fruits Flavor) Premium Brand produced overseas; as The First Line of the XO Series was Born and Launched Worldwide. 

In 2002, Jo developed and created Six additional XO Energy Flavors for and owned by XO Energy Beverage Corp. USA.

In 2005, Jo introduced, The FIRST Worldwide XO Energy 6.09oz
/180ml Shots in PET bottles Fully Wrapped with Vacuum Metallic Sleeve to protect the XO Products from the "UV" Light Penetration and they were produced in Hot Fill with 12 Months Shelf Live which was not appealing to many US and Overseas Buyers because  of 1 Month in the Sea Transportation leaving 11 Months Only for the Sales.

So, In 2008, Jo decided to move all its XO 7 Flavors Energy 6.09oz Shots Productions from Overseas to be "Made in the USA", with Kosher "OU" with Cold Fill production that increased the Products Shelf Life from 12 to "24 Months"

XO 7 Flavors 6.09oz Premium Energy Shots - are "Non-Carbonated" Unique in their composition and effects and each XO variation distinguish it Self primarily by its Content, Taste, Aroma, provide the body with important Vitamins B & C and are Best Consumed At Room Temperature giving consumers choices of drier, sweeter, more aromatic blends and are geared more for quality rather than a quick caffeine rush. Despite the youthful appeal of XO 7 Flavors 6.09oz Energy Shots, to emphasize responsible consumption of its beverages, the Company is marketing all the XO 7 Flavors Energy Brands to an older demographic consumers.

FEB 24-2023

Our XO 7 Flavors "Non-Carbonated" 6.09oz Energy Shots Products are Not recommended for Children under 12 years of age,  nor to Pregnant Women and not to Persons Sensitive to Caffeine.

*XO products are not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent any Disease"

*Parents are being urged to exercise the maximum caution in
  determining if they choose to allow their children too much use
  of energy drinks.

FEB 24-2023

Jo Emile Amar Chairman /Creator of the XO Energy 6.09oz Shots in 7 Flavors® that are unique in their composition and effects, each XO variation distinguish itself primarily by its contents, Taste, Aroma, they all provide the body with important  Vitamins “ B” and “C” Complex, giving consumers choices of drier, sweeter and more Aromatic blends geared more for Quality and Healthy Feeling,
The XO Drinks are Best to be Consumed At Room Temperature with NO Crash, rather than a quick caffeine rush and not necessarily to be refrigerated as required by most energy drinks,. Despite the youthful appeal of  the XO 6.09oz Energy Premium Shots, XO Company is marketing all the XO Brands mostly to consumers from 16 years old to the Older Ages demographic to Emphasize Responsible Consumption of its Beverages.

XO Energy Beverage Corp. will not be responsible for any FAKE XOENERGY DOMAINS SOLICITATIONS to avoid any Unpleasant situations.

*Our Office is Now Very Busy, We suggest that you always Leave a clear Voice message (NO Solicitations will be Accepted) otherwise your Phone number will be Blocked so; Please be patient and we should get back to you a.s.a.p. 

We Thank You for Your Cooperation.
XO Management. 

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